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EcoAdvantages is a proprietary feature of Worldwise brand products. The EcoAdvantages label on our packaging clearly identifies the environmental advantages or materials used in our products, making it easier to compare to standard products. Whether you're buying a pet product to solve a problem, meet a need, or offer you and your pet more fun, EcoAdvantages ensure that your choice considers the impact on the environment as well.

eco advantages label
Our ecoAdvantages label identifies the environmentally responsible materials and processes used in every product.
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The same innovative thinking we use in approaching the design of a new product is used in finding environmentally responsible materials to create it. Worldwise products typically include recycled, reclaimed or renewable resources, or certified organic ingredients. Most products include several ecoAdvantages!


plastic bottles Worldwise brand products use a recycled fiberfill blend called EcoRest® made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles to add puff and fluff to dog and cat beds and soft toys. This year, Worldwise will effectively prevent the equivalent of over 100,000,000, 16.9-oz plastic bottles from ever reaching landfills and will use them to make your pet happier.

corrugated cardboard With a texture that resembles tree bark, a cat's favorite scratching surface in nature, recycled corrugated cardboard makes an ideal scratcher surface for cat's claws. The recycled cardboard used in Worldwise products is not only recycled, it's recyclable, biodegradeable in nature and compostable too! We also use recycled cardboard in various other products.

plastics Recycled plastics from industrial sources are a plentiful commodity that Worldwise cleverly converts into sleek, durable litter boxes, scoops, litter bags and other plastic products.

paper A percentage of the paper used in packaging Worldwise brand products comes from recycled post-consumer sources.


visco-elastic foam Worldwise gives new life to the leftover remnants of "visco-elastic" (commonly called "memory foam") resulting from the production of human beds, pillows, cushions, car seats and other memory foam products. These bits and pieces that might otherwise end up in the garbage bin retain all the properties of memory foam, making it an ideal resource to create ultra-soothing, therapeutic pet beds. We also use reclaimed conventional foam in some of our pet bedding.

certified organic

catnip Cats come in very close contact with catnip in toys and on scratchers, breathing in its aroma and often ingesting it. Worldwise brand cat products featured certified organic catnip years before 'organic' became a buzz word. It's important to recognize that 100% certified organic catnip that's grown, processed and packaged without pesticides, chemicals or artificial ingredients is distinctly a better, healthier choice for cats and the planet.


soybeans and other natural alternatives Some Worldwise brand products include a soybean-based foam called Benefoam™, an alternative to the more typical petrochemically-based foams used in some dog beds. Benefoam is used to replace a percentage of the other foams used to make its therapeutic beds.

woods Woods used in Worldwise brand products are renewable, such as bamboo, or come from recycled post-industrial sources.

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