worldwise: better products, better planet

We believe that sustainable living is easier when it's a natural choice. We also believe that making a better choice for you, your pet and the planet should never be outside anyone's economic reach. That's why since 1990, our mission has been to make environmentally responsible products that are attractive, affordable and accessible to everyone.

Our pet brands, featuring innovative products made principally from recycled, reclaimed, renewable and certified organic resources, are found at many of the nation's leading retailers. Worldwise is changing people's expectations about the look, feel, performance and price of environmentally responsible products.

how it all began
They came from three different generations, had three different backgrounds, but shared one common vision: making sustainable living an easier choice for consumers. In 1990, Aaron Lamstein, Phil Genet and Debra Lynn Dadd founded Worldwise, Inc. and operated it from Aaron's garage. These three energetic idealists were betting on the fact that if it looked as good, worked as well and cost the same, people would naturally choose environmentally responsible products. Seems they were right.

meet the family!

Meet some of the people—and their best friends—behind our products.

Kevin + Coco
chief executive officer
Kate + Bodie + Luna
vp, human resources
Jeff + Daisy
vp, sales
Aaron + Jolson
board member
Erika + Billie
office coordinator
Judy + Brewster
inventory mgr
Kurt + Naya + Chloe
creative services mgr
Sheryl + Rusty
e-commerce manager
Lisa + Dunebuggy
product coordinator
Nikki + Mole & Camino
consumer services
David + Hampton
board member
Sandy + Max
Alyssa + Lana
payroll & accounting specialist
Tom + Pippa
marketing intern
Chary + Coco
ap specialist
Hunter + Nordica
customer service
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