worldwise: better products, better planet

Worldwise brands have a simple, common purpose: to offer pet owners smart, stylish, environmentally responsible products that help you be your dog or cat's best friend. Our brands are unique in that they make it easy and affordable for you to express your personal style while satisfying your pet's most important needs.

We constantly evolve our brands through inspiring, proprietary product design that connects in a meaningful way to how you and your pet live and play together. As a result, Worldwise brand products are more effective and satisfying, look nice in your individual home environment and are still affordable.

SmartyKat   Innovative products for your cat's physical, emotional and instinctual needs.

PoochPlanet   Bedding products that invite your dog to play hard and rest easy.

Petlinks   Owning a pet is no puzzle with these savvy products for every need.

SmartyKatPoochPlanetpetlinks system
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